Redefining Democracy: Horizontalism

February 17, 2014


More than merely a tool for assemblies, Horizontalidad is a new way of relating, based on affective politics and against all the implications of “isms”; while sometimes translated as horizontalism, it is a sort of play on the fact that it is against all that “isms” imply. It is a dynamic social relationship, and thus the meaning in English is more than just horizontal or horizontality – there is not yet a perfect word in English to describe this phenomenon. Horizontalism is not an ideology or political program that must be met so as to create a new society or new idea. It is a break with vertical ways of organizing and relating, and a break that is simultaneously an opening. Horizontalism is a process, a way of creating new forms of relating, and in that process the forms of relating necessarily change – so horizontalism is also an ever-changing process.

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