Popular Resistance Celebrates Six Month Anniversary – Grow The Movement

December 1, 2013



Our goal is to help build a mass movement that can transform this country from one that is ruled by money in which people and the planet are exploited for profit to one in which people work together to build a just, democratic and sustainable society. We seek to show that the work each of us does to build a better world is connected to a larger movement and that there is a vibrant movement growing within the US and around the world. This is a movement of movements on the front lines of struggle and it isn’t going to be covered in the mass media. We will have to build this person by person. We will succeed when 3.5 percent of us are engaged in action and we have popular support. Research of hundreds of resistance movements shows that no resistance movement in the last 100 years has failed when 3.5 percent participate. There are many levels of engagement.

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