Tiny House: A New American Dream

November 30, 2013



The size of the average American home has more than doubled since the 1950s, but just how big does a home need to be? A Boulder, Colo., couple decided to put that question to the test when they started building their very tiny home — 124 sq. ft. to be exact — back in 2011. With no building experience, but with open hearts and minds, Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller started to build their dream home. They documented their surprising journey in a new film called "TINY: A Story About Living Small," which premieres on Al Jazeera America this Sunday. Smith and Mueller recently chatted with The Huffington Post about living tiny, sustainably and redefining the American dream. The Tiny House is about 124 sq ft. It has a living space with an 11-foot ceiling. There is a small galley kitchen, a small bathroom with a composting toilet and camping-style gravity fed shower and a sleeping loft. The main living space has an 11-foot ceiling, which helps the space to feel bigger than it actually is, with a small closet and two built-in bookshelves. There is also a built in desk and dining table that Merete made from scraps left over from our reclaimed hardwood flooring.

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